Connah's Quay High School

Ysgol Uwchradd Cei Connah / Connah's Quay High School

Community Events

Forest School

As part of the Year 7 curriculum every Year 7 learner has a whole day out in the woods taking part in our Forest School, this experience allows learners to explore learning through a different environment.

Forest school is led by Mrs Daniels who is trained to level 3. 

One learner said ‘Forest School is the best, usually grownups tell us to grow up and we are too old to play but you have wanted us to play all day.

Coastal School

Another new venture the school are supporting is the Coastal School, Mrs Daniels has just begun her training and hopes to expand the learning experience of learners to include the coastal environment as well as the woodlands.

New Options Forest School

Groups of Year 9 learners are still supporting another ongoing project working with Autistic learners from a residential school, this project allows learners from both settings to interact with each other in the woodland setting.  The long term plan is to extend this project to also include the Coastal Setting.

Transition Forest School

Over the last couple of years we have run a Forest School session as part of the transition programme allowing learners from our Feeder Primary Schools to work together in the woodland in preparation for their move to Secondary School.  This has been very successful and has given the learners a chance to make new friends and meet other members of staff.

Volunteer Projects

Working together with our primary schools we are involved in a Memory Book Project. It is the intention that the learners from our school and feeder Primary Schools to work with patients who visit the Day Hospital at Deeside Hospital and also a local Residential home for the elderly to record their experiences.

Deeside Hospital Notice Boards

Small groups of learners visit Deeside Hospital regularly to update the notice boards and help in the gardens for the patients and visitors.


The school has a small allotment in Connah’s Quay and would be keen to work with any community members who may have time to help us out with this.  (We keep trying but are not very green fingered!)

Keep Wales Tidy

Learners are always keen to help out in the community, we have recently worked at Manley Court in Shotton with the residents and Keep Wales Tidy, planting in their gardens.

Countryside Rangers

We also work alongside the Countryside rangers helping with their projects such as the Big Dee Day clear up which takes place every September, litter picks and environmental projects.

A small group of learners learnt about Flint Castle and the changes in the coastal environment around the castle over the years

Future Projects

Although our time is limited we are keen to become involved in Community projects.  If you have a local project you would like help with please contact Mary Daniels at the school.