Connah's Quay High School

Ysgol Uwchradd Cei Connah / Connah's Quay High School

ICT in Connah's Quay High School

The ICT department offers students the opportunity to use a range of software applications and explore how ICT & Computing are used in modern society. The key stage three curriculum provides students with an exciting and diverse experience. Students use a wide variety of software to explore digital media, computing and ICT units. We pride ourselves in providing students with a wide range of engaging tasks in a positive learning environment. 

There is a well-established ethos of supporting students to achieve challenging targets. This begins in the classroom lessons and is supported further with lunchtime and after school activities. Within the school we have a wealth of ICT resources with 3 dedicated ICT rooms supporting industry standard software.

Learners have the opportunity to attend coursework catch up session in the ICT rooms on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening.

Through their ICT lessons students learn about how to keep themselves safe online. Further guidance can be found here (link to the E- safety page). The ICT & Computing education we offer can help lead students to a wide range of opportunities in higher education or employment

Year 7 ICT

  • E-Safety
  • Importance of files and folders
  • Podcasts
  • Scratch programming
  • Multimedia advertisements
  • Data handling
  • Gnomewatch creating writing recording
  • ICT and police

Year 8 ICT

  • E- Safety
  • Data handling
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Digital publications
  • Python coding
  • Animations
  • Ecommerce

Year 9 ICT

  • E-safety
  • Python coding
  • Web design
  • Data handling
  • Control systems
  • Spreadsheet modelling

Year 10/11 GCSE

  • Learners have the opportunity to study to achieve either a GCSE in ICT or Computing