Connah's Quay High School

Ysgol Uwchradd Cei Connah / Connah's Quay High School



March 5th BTEC Applied Science Unit 8  
May 7th Maths Numeracy Unit 1  
May 8th Welsh Second Language Unit 3  
May 9th Maths Numeracy Unit 2  
May 10th Welsh Second Language Unit 4  
May 13th Computer Science Unit 1 
ICT Unit 1
Religious Studies Unit 1 (Options A-F)
May 14th French Unit 2 Listening 
French Unit 3 Reading
Biology Unit 2
Science: Biology 2 Double Award Unit 4
May 15th Physical Education (Full course) Unit 1 English Literature Unit 1
May 16th Chemistry Unit 2 
Science: Chemistry 2 Double Award Unit 5

Computer Science Unit 2
ICT Unit 3

May 17th

French Unit 4 Writing
Engineering Unit 3

Drama Unit 3

May 20th Religious Studies Unit 2 (Options A-E)  
May 21st Maths Unit 1 Geography Unit 1 
May 22nd   Physics Unit 2 
Science: Physics 2 Double Award Unit 6
May 23rd English Literature Unit 2 Opt. A 
English Literature Unit 2 Opt. B
May 24th Business Unit 1  
June 3rd History Unit 1 (studies A-D) Media Studies Unit 1
June 4th  English Language Unit 2 Business Unit 2 
Music Unit 3
June 5th Geography Unit 2
June 6th Maths Unit 2 History Unit 2 (studies A-D)
June 7th

English Language Unit 3

Biology Unit 1 
Science: Biology 1 (Double Award) Unit 1 
June 10th Food & Nutrition Unit 1(on screen & paper)

Health & Social Care Unit 2 (Legacy) 
Child Development Unit 1
Media Studies Unit 2

June 11th   History Unit 3 (studies A-D)
June 12th Chemistry Unit 1 
Science: Chemistry 1 Double Award Unit 2
German Unit 2 Listening 
German Unit 3 Reading
June 14th

Physics Unit 1
Science Triple: Physics Unit 3

Health & Social Care Unit 3 (Legacy)
June 17th German Unit 4 Writing  


In addition to this information we have included the JCQ Information for Candidates Privacy Notice.

(It’s found on Appendix A – Page 19)

4.2 Information for candidates - coursework assessments
4.3 Information for candidates - on-screen tests

4.4 Information for candidates - written examinations

Information for candidates - controlled assessment

If you have any concerns relating to Exams please email Clare Barley the Examinations Officer at