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Battle of Hastings

Battle photo No.10  Nov 2017

951 years ago the history of this country changed forever after the events that took place on the battle fields of Hastings between King Harold II and Duke William of Normandy. 

The Year 7 history group have been learning about the events that led up to this battle and why Harold and William were at war with each other for the throne of England. 

What’s a better way to learn about the actual battle of Hastings, which took place on October 14th 1066, than to rein act the battle yourself! The learners as part of their homework made some fantastic swords, shields, helmets, battle axes and one amazing homemade bow and arrow. 

They took to battle as the two sides did all those years ago and recreated the battle according to the historical evidence from the Bayeux tapestry. Eventually King Harold was defeated with an arrow to the eye and William was victories, becoming the new King of England.

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